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The Perception of the Garage Kulture


The Garage Kulture

In a recent interview with David Campbell of bikernet.com, I was asked about my perception of my slang saying, The Garage Kulture. At first, I was taken back; honestly, I didn't think people actually read my post over the past few years. Nonetheless, I answered in my over reactive, beer buzzed way; it is about the guy who does things for himself and his way. Although, this is very true, I have been thinking about my perception of the Garage Kulture. The Garage Kulture is about that guy or gal, who is in their garage working, creating, designing, building, learning or teaching something… not because someone wants him too, but because he loves the challenge, he loves the freedom. The Garage Kulture is those two guys who drink a few beers and start BS’ing about their future, their passions, winning the lottery and creating a flying motorcycle with rockets that will propel them into the future! Beers turn into conversations, conversations can turn into reality. The Garage Kulture is about whom you are, when no one else is around, who you want to be and not being afraid to be that person. It is about getting your butt out there and doing something with your talents. The Garage Kulture is about you, me and all of us none lazy common folk who don't give a crap what the neighbors think when smoke rolls from your garage.

The Garage Kulture is about being happy with who you are and giving the world a grin and big middle finger.


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