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​Why Buy J10 Customs' Custom Leather Chain Wallets…

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I only use Grade #1 strap tooling leather, from one of the oldest tanneries in the United States.

The vertical pockets have been designed to accept more cards without the bulk unlike your current wallet. How? When designing the slot, I made them so you would be able to place at least 2-6 cards in each card slot. This is achieved by placing the card in the pocket so they spread out rather than stack on top of each other...

Each wallet is designed and crafted by my hands, right here in Loveland, Colorado U.S.A.  We believe in keeping our money at home as much as possible and supporting local businesses.

Do me a favor...take your wallet from your pocket and look at the corners. The corners are where most wallets start to deteriorate. This is caused from many factors. One of the more common reasons is the thread size and its quality. Most wallets are made with a thread size smaller than a size 33 cotton or polyester thread (tensile strength of 4-5lbs). After you have taken that wallet from your pocket thousands of times the thread becomes wore out and weak, then it breaks and begins to unravel. For my machine stitched wallets we se a 138 Bonded Nylon Thread (tensile strength of 22lbs) and double stitched at all potential stress points, including all corners.

My hand stitched wallets are stitched using only a waxed nylon thread with a tensile strength of 45lbs. This obviously takes more time cost a little more, however it is the absolute oldest technique and strongest stitch to date. 

Reference my leather education page to learn more about the differences in leather hides and stitching techniques.

Fact: The average “store bought genuine leather” wallet last about .5-3yrs
Fact: The average cost of these wallets is about $20 – $50
Math Facts: Over your next 35 years you will spend an average of $700 on about 20 wallets
Moral of the story is, you get what you pay for when you buy from J10 Customs. 

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