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More Than A Piece of Leather

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To me a wallet is so much more than a piece of leather, which by the way holds only the most important personal information on the planet! And it is with you 90% of your life. Think about it, a wallet is the most personal thing you know of. Do you remember when your dad gave you your first wallet? Of course you do. It was almost like a small passage to manhood. You now felt like one of the guys. Oh, do you remember that leather wallet your grandfather used to carry? Man, now those were some tough wallets. Somewhere along the way, we as Americans stopped caring about the where and how such a personal heirloom was made. When my grandfather pasted, the only thing I wanted was his wallet. Why? Because it was his, not anyone else’s… He arranged and sorted his cards the way he wanted them. He kept in which ever pocket he wanted it, the way he liked it.

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