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Customer For Life


I have received yet another heart felt review that means a great deal to us here at J10 Customs. To me, it is a good indication, J10 is on the right track and we are treating our customers the way I would like to be treated, as though we are sitting down sipping a cup of coffee or drinking a cold one after a long day of work. This is what our little piece of the pie is about, Family, Friends, and Freedom.  Below is the review. Thank you again!

'Let me start by saying that I am a person that appreciates hand crafted products be it wood, leather or steel nothing in the world compares to excellently handcrafted products by equally great artisans and nothing makes me happier than being able to handle these products in person before I hand over my hard earned money to purchase something, with that being said you can see where my skepticism might kick in with the following...anyways, when I decide it was time for a new wallet I couldn't find what I was looking for locally so I turned to the internet, GoogleFu failed miserably, too many results too much flash, I was overwhelmed so I turned to Etsy which I had used in the past my initial search parameters were too broad and returned way to many result, when I changed my search to 'vintage biker wallet' J10's Black Biker Chain Wallet came up 4th on the page, it was instantly a favorite, I really liked that it was a 'short' long wallet but at $140 and without being able to 'handle' the merchandise I was skeptical so I put it on the back burner and kept looking, I looked at a ton of wallets but I just kept coming back to J10, I finally sent Johnney an email to ask a few questions about the product, I was pleasantly surprised at just how down to earth he was, I told him I was skeptical and he told me he wished there was a 'feel' button on the Etsy, I concurred, anyway, he made me feel a lot better about the quality and care he puts into his products and that was it I was sold, I placed my order, he did me one more solid and threw my order into the mix with others he had going that week so I wouldn't have to wait very long for my wallet to be made. The wallet was delivered on time as promised and I couldn't be happier, the quality and craftsmanship are spot on, the leather was stiff for about a day, I filled that wallet with all my crap stuffed it in my pocket and inside of a week it was soft and supple, I couldn't be happier, money well spent and I am now a returning customer, I have put in an order for one of his belts and have future plans to order one of his single side bags for my scoot, in short after being so long winded all I can say is, this is a guy who takes pride in what he does, it shows in his products and I am proud to own them, I don't imagine I will need another wallet for another 10 years now but if I should need one either for myself or a gift for someone else, I will not hesitate to buy from Johnney at J10 Customs.

Thanks brother.

Customer for Life

Marysville, Wa.

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