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Life is Too Short... A story about a J10 Customs Biker Wallet

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Please keep in mind, I am not a very good blogger, as Mr. Breclaimed himself, Brian Mcquaid. But hey I'll keep trying...

Over the course of a few months Ken and I conversed back and forth about what he was wanting in a hand tooled custom leather biker wallet, by yours truly. He even went as far as to drive an hour to my shop and purchase one of our retail chain wallets for $120.00 just to try the design out for a while. After a couple weeks he called and said he would not be moving forward with the custom leather hand tooled biker wallet, he loved the wallet but he currently battling some illnesses that would not allow him to purchase the $320.00 wallet of his dreams. Well a few more months passed and Ken rode up on his brand new 2014 Harley Davidson and said he wanted me to create a hand tooled leather wallet that mimics his tattoo. 

The Celtic Cross tattoo is tribute to his late father... the cross stretches from one end of his back to the other, from shoulder to shoulder and neck to lower back, filled with traditional Celtic knots that tie offs with his initials at the lower part of the cross. A belt secures his family crest in the center of the cross while dragons surround the piece acting as his guardians. 

Below is the wallet I came up with to reflect the tat. Although, I couldn't fit the dragons in the halo, we did incorporate his fathers badge number, he was a fireman. We also incorporated a Free Mason concho. The wallet is hand stitched with a heavy twine, which perfectly adds some contrast against black edges that frames the custom brown dyes of the center background. The hardware is solid brass and the chain is a custom made 24" stainless steel black chain with a solid brass trigger snap.

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