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A Custom Leather Wallet Review From Tim: It was one man, his tools and his integrity…

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Review from Tim:

In early 2014, I was in search of a finely made, handcrafted custom leather wallet. As a year round biker, I wanted something that would stand-up to daily use for a lifetime of service and also have my Club logo tooled into the leather. I’d gone through my share of wallets that seem to litter the landscape within the tent city vendors at biker events. I’d even tried an online purchase through eBay of a “custom made leather wallet” coming out of China. Nothing I found measured up to the quality I expected. Since I've always found a way to sacrifice for the best when it comes to the scoot and clap (chrome, leather, accessories & performance), I was determined to find a wallet that I’d be proud to own.

During an online search one evening, I lucked into the J10Customs website. I like what I saw but even more what I read. It was one man, his tools and his integrity…a guy who puts his heart and soul into his craft. He said right up front that, “Good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good.” That resonated with me because it’s true. Most bargains end up in a yard sale and nearly every cheap purchase I've made ends up as trash.

I contacted Johnney by phone and heard what I needed. After squaring up on the price (which was very fair) I sat back and waited. I know that you don’t hurry quality and you don’t pressure an artist. This wasn't a convenience store purchase and I was willing to wait as long as it took. When the package arrived, I opened the box to reveal a masterpiece. In every respect, Johnney had nailed it. The quality of top grain leather combined with his artistic rendering of my club logo was accented by a rich burgundy color tone. The inside leather lining was red to tie it together and the hand stitching was perfect.

There’s only one question that remains unanswered. Does Johnney have more pride in what he created or me in what I own? I think I know the answer but I could be wrong.

Tim Hoffman

Annapolis, MD


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