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Custom Leather Light House Wallet_GySgt

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We were contacted by a very humble and proud Marine Sgt. a few months ago to create a J10 Customs leather biker wallet he could wear with his uniform and when not in uniform. He asked us to create a hand tooled chain wallet that would reflect his love for his daughters, one of which passed away the day she was brought into this world.

A lighthouse tattoo has been in his head for some time now. The lighthouse is to remind him that when the world becomes turbulent and he is put to the test of being a good man, he truly needs something to show him the light and bring him back to safety.

Now, keep in mind this Marine Sgt. has served 18 years, just finished up his 4th combat deployment to Afghanistan and is looking at J10 to create a wallet that is a tantamount to a tattoo and is symbolic of the love and respect for his precious daughters... yeah I know right?

I thought you may enjoy a few pictures of the finished product. I think we captured the essence of what he was looking for. What you think? 

The wallet is cut from hand selected American cow and steer hide/leather. Hand tooled, hand-stitched, and hand-dyed right here in our little home.

His response:

DUDE!!!!! Got the biker chain wallet in the mail yesterday...HOLY SHIT BALLZ BATMAN!!! I am utterly speechless man! I see why you asked about the aqua...Question, is that the first time you have used that color inside a wallet?

Honestly though, I couldn't be happier with the product man! I will try to help your business anytime I can when people ask about it, which I have no doubt that Marines will! Again, thanks brother, this is exactly what I was wanting. You couldn't have made it better boss! THANK YOU!!!

Hope you and the old lady enjoy the holidays and take care brother! 

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